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Home is what you make of it. A place for rest and relaxation after a full day of work and parenting. A place for family and friends. A place for entertaining and enjoying life’s precious moments. Your home should also be a place that relieves life’s worries–not the other way around. And a home is more than a place to crash after a long day of working and parenting, it's where the heart is! 

That’s where RHP Bayshore Homes comes in. We bring you luxury manufactured homes, turning communities across the United States into your personal oasis for living, exploring, and building connections. Our aim is simple: to provide you with a comfortable space to unwind and a chance to make new friends through our vibrant communities.

Monthly Community & Social Events

Let's talk about making friends–not the easiest task, especially with everyone buried in their phones nowadays. But don’t worry, at our Bayshore communities, we've made it as easy as stepping out your front door. 

Join us at an upcoming event, such as:

  • Coffee in the Clubhouse 
  • Community BBQs 
  • Pizza Night 
  • Family Game Night 
  • Block Parties 
  • Breakfast on the Go 
  • Back to School Bashes 
  • Pool Parties 
  • Bingo Nights 
  • Kids Club 
  • Arts and Crafts 
  • Holiday Events 
  • Movie Nights 
  • And More!

Get to know your neighbors at social events, where there's always something happening, all year round!

Well-Kept Outdoor Spaces & Amenities

A home is not just a roof over your head. It’s a place where you watch the kids play for hours while you relax on your porch. It’s the playground where you watch those kids grow and grow over the years. The swimming pool, basketball court, and clubhouses–they're not just amenities, they're the heartbeat of your community. 

We get it at Bayshore. Your home is not just a house, it's the backdrop for precious memories that will last a lifetime.

Wondering which Bayshore community near you has the perfect amenities? Check out our communities page to find the one that suits your lifestyle.

Friendly Neighborhoods for Seniors: 55+ Communities 

Embrace the golden years with Bayshore Homes' active senior 55+ communities. Designed for those seeking a fulfilling lifestyle, our communities cater to the unique needs of individuals in this stage of life. Picture yourself surrounded by like-minded neighbors, engaging in social activities tailored to your interests. 

From strolls in beautifully landscaped areas to clubhouse gatherings and events crafted for active seniors, every day brings new opportunities for connection. At Bayshore, you can savor the joys of retirement while building lasting friendships in a community that understands and celebrates this special chapter of life.

A Welcoming Atmosphere 

Step right into the Bayshore Homes neighborhood–it's like a big, welcoming hug! Imagine cozy coffee chats on the front porch, laughter-filled BBQs, and a community that feels more like a lively family. 

At Bayshore, it's not just about manufactured homes; it's about the genuine connections that happen naturally. Whether you're unwinding in your home or joining the fun at a community event, the sense of togetherness is real. Bayshore is all about creating a laid-back, friendly space where everyone isn't just a neighbor, but a friend. It's that comfy, inviting feel that turns houses into homes and neighbors into family! 

Ready to explore Bayshore Homes? Join us in a community that feels like home. Discover your perfect match on our communities page – where friendly neighbors and your dream community are waiting for you. 

Wherever You Are In Life, With Bayshore Homes, You'll Fit Right In

Finding a home where you can hang out with others and know you made the right choice with your home-buying decision is important. At Bayshore, we take this decision seriously. With our all-age communities and active senior 55+ communities, we cater to all your needs regardless of your age. Enjoy a variety of social activities, meet new people, and interact with your neighbors when you call our luxury communities home.

Take a tour of our luxurious manufactured homes. Call us at (888) 855-1818 to find a Bayshore community in your desired area today!

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RHP Social - Live Life. Live it Here. RHP Social community events are designed to encourage our residents to socialize with their fellow community members through fun, family-friendly BBQs, holiday parties, and more! If you’ve found a community that suits your needs, contact our team today and let’s get started on the application process.