The Own It! Program: Your Homeownership Dream Made Easy

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Dreaming of homeownership but feeling daunted by the process? RHP Properties’ Own It! Program is designed to make your transition from renting to owning as seamless as possible.

How Does the Own It! Program Work?

The Own It! Program is more than just an opportunity; it’s a well-paved pathway to owning your home. Here’s what sets it apart:

  • Qualification: It starts with you—our committed resident with a history of timely rent payments.
  • Financial Aid: We assist with the heavy lifting—covering closing costs, down payment, and even providing a 13-month home warranty.
  • True Ownership: This isn’t rent-to-own. You secure a loan, the title is yours from day one, and you immediately begin building equity.

Benefits of the Own It! Program

  • Immediate Equity: Unlike traditional rent-to-own scenarios, you start building equity in your home right away.
  • Financial Support: Transitioning to homeownership is financially manageable with significant costs covered by RHP.
  • Empowered Community Living: You’re not just buying a house; you’re becoming a vital part of a community that’s rooting for your success.

Tips for Success with the Own It! Program

  • Engage with our team to fully understand the program's benefits.
  • Explore the communities where the program is currently offered.
  • Prepare for the responsibilities that come with homeownership, knowing that for the first 13 months, many maintenance issues are covered.

In Conclusion: Own Your Tomorrow!

With the Own It! Program, you can take control of your future as you step out of the rental cycle and into a home that’s truly yours. 

Unlock Your Dream Home: Find Your Place in a Bayshore Home Sales Community Today!

Is the Own It! Program calling your name? Reach out and connect with your community office to learn more. The Own It! Program is available in select RHP communities, so make contact with us to see if your community is one of the chosen ones. Don’t let this opportunity to invest in your future slip away!


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